CRITICALLY KINAESTHETIC: PERFORMING BODIES OF POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT is the third annual York University Theatre & Performance Studies graduate student symposium, in collaboration with the Graduate Programs in Dance and Dance Studies.

This event is scheduled for 15–16 April 2014

Call for Papers, Performances & Workshops
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Last year’s symposium, Performance in/and the Street, provided an opportunity for dialogue between both emerging and established scholars from across Canada engaged in the field of activist performance. The symposium bridged the activist/scholar divide through the inclusion of engaged performance perspectives.

Continuing this tradition, we invite paper, performance and workshop proposals from any discipline relating to this year’s topic of Critically Kinaesthetic: Performing bodies of political engagement. This interdisciplinary symposium will examine the body as both expressive, and generative, of political meaning. “Critically kinaesthetic” refers to embodied knowledge systems and their engagement in both aesthetic and political spheres.

We are pleased to present this symposium in collaboration with the Performance Studies (Canada) Speaker Series, through which we welcome Erin Manning as our keynote speaker. Erin Manning will be delivering her keynote address “Choreographing the Political” which will move through her trilogy of books, from The Politics of Touch through to Always More Than One.